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THE TEAM | Signature Strength

Hi, I’m Colette Reilly, the founder here at Signature Strength.  I have the most fabulous job of being your supportive partner in your journey towards a more satisfying life, career and business.  Whether you are interested in coaching as an individual or want to use me to to train & support your team you have come to the right place.  Coaching is a great process that centres entirely around you and your needs and is future focused – the past is exactly that, it will influence who you are and what you are doing now but dwelling on it will not change the future, you are the one in the driving seat of your life (and if you feel you aren’t – get in touch I can absolutely help you get back behind the wheel!)

You getting the results you are after means a lot to me.  I will tell you if I think I’m not the best person to help you and will direct you to other resources if appropriate.  I have a great track record of getting people where they want to be (see some of the testimonials that pop up on site) and do this with an easy going yet challenging style.

I am an accredited coach specialising in emotional intelligence, neuroscience and leadership, an NLP Master Practitioner, Language and Behaviour profiler, Talent Dynamics strengths profile flow consultant and qualified careers adviser?

I’ve got 3 kids who are thriving (and each have had their challenges and will continue to because we all do!) I LOVE their friends like they’re my own and believe in community parenting because team work DOES make the dream work. Being a a positive role model is soooo important to me because our kids lap up everything we believe and do…and I want all the young people in my life to have the best start they can.

I was with my partner for 20 plus years and we’ve ridden countless storms together…and apart, so I appreciate the complexities of being a single mum as well as being a ‘traditional’ 2 parent family.

I’ve cared for my wee mum with dementia and brought her to live with us and loved her through her forgetting I was her daughter. She had schizophrenia and depression as I grew up too, so while our life together was tough it has given me so much insight and empathy that I’ll forever be grateful for my mums unintentional but priceless gifts.

I’m now here for my dad, who’s a stroke survivor.

I understand first hand the pressures of the sandwich generation and the impact this can have on your life and work, as I’m in it!

I’ve done the soul searching and taken redundancy, I’ve taken the leap to build a coaching business, I’ve done well, then not so, then brought it back again….several times! My business has evolved as I have and I ride the rollercoaster of being entrepreneurial every day and now appreciate the tricks of making the ride enjoyable (and fruitful) that I wish I’d known when I first started!

Together with my own business I’m also proud to be co director of an amazing social enterprise, Potential in Me, and we are committed to supporting young people and the people that live and work with them to shine. Because when young people really get that life is an inside out job, we’ll all better off. Imagine improved resilience, enhanced productivity and better wellbeing….THAT is our game and I’m proud to be playing it.

I absabloodylutely love my work and my life yet I still have doubts and down times…and I will always have simply because I’m human.

I just know now my thoughts don’t represent my reality and that is an insight I wish everyone had, one of the reasons wellbeing should be at the core of every life and business and one of the reasons I do what I do here.

I say all this simply so you know my background, where I’m coming from and you know that I’m a woman who walks my talk…I’ve been whacked with a whole lot of curve balls in my time and I’m more than ok which gives me absolute confidence that:

>> you ARE absolutely freaking awesome (even though you may not believe it),

>> you ARE more than good enough and

>> you CAN make good sh*t happen because the only limit you have is your imagination and determination.

My job is a blooming privilege, to be invited into people lives and inner most thoughts and trusted to support them get back on track and leading their life with love is the most amazing thing.

If you’d like to find out more about how working with me could support you personally or your company, then get in touch.

Introducing the fantabulous Cat Paterson AKA The Straight Talking Ginger.

Cat’s my name, profiling + sky-rocketing you + your business is my game. I’m the fiery redhead that loves being in your corner to cheer you on.

Consider me your willing accomplice for the crazy business career path you have chosen. I’ll hold your feet to the fire to get your stuff done + borderline stalk you to make sure you get a success boost for your business.

In a previous life I headed up intelligence analysis for a national covert agency (wink, wink, say. no. more) but now I’m all over your business to uncover your unique strengths, your business M.O. so you can stop being a sheep + start being the unique snowflake I know you are.

Earl grey tea lover and real-life Lady of Glencoe don’t ya know. I love a netflix sesh with a G&T on the couch as much as I la la love holding you accountable (that’s how I get my kicks)

Let’s be clear here. I love what I do and I step into my zone of genius to support you. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I might just be your strong glass of whisky.

As a willing accomplice, my style of boot-up-the-bahookie, straight talking won’t suit everyone and I’m totally OK with that and you should be too. Warts and all is how I roll.

 I will help you uncover your unique strengths and get you pointed in the right direction.