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Have you lost your mojo? Are you feeling overwhelmed, fed up or frustrated?

Has your work/life balance went out the window?

Do you want to learn how to reset, refuel and create the results you REALLY want in your life and work?

Work with me and I’ll show you how…the world needs you to be shining!!

It’s really easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel of life isn’t it?

We just keep doing and doing and have lost touch with WHY the heck it was a good idea to begin with! In fact, was it ever a good idea?

Life changes, our focus and priorities change yet without taking the time to reconnect with what is happening right NOW it’s all to common to coast along and suffer the consequences of burn out, stress and dissatisfaction.

Teach yourself how to refuel, reset and create the life and work that you REALLY want…because you CAN do it.

It may actually be pretty close to what you’re living now with a few tweaks here and there or it may be time for a complete career and life overhaul.

Whatever it looks like, as long as it FEELS good to you and supports you to show up and shine in the world, that’s all that matters.

You can #beworklifehappy

Here’s the #beworklifehappy formula

These 4 principles underpin everything I do…and will really help you create the life and work you want


It’s super important that you appreciate how amazing you are. We’ll identify your strengths (as well as your weaknesses as there is juice in these too!), highlight your experiences and what’s working for you in your situation right now.


Your mindset is the key to your wellbeing and success and what you believe is a HUGE part of this. We will identify the beliefs that support you and ditch the ones that don’t.

Create & Clarify

You need to be crystal clear about what you want in order to successfully create it. We will work to create a vision and goals that really inspire and motivate you. Because then it will be far easier to put the work it to make it happen.

Do It!

Choosing actions that connect you with your flow will create the results you want far more quickly and easily than scattergun ‘busyness’. And not every action will reap the results you want to reflecting on your progress regularly is vital.

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Working With Me

Meet Colette Reilly

Colette Reilly © Julie Broadfoot -

HELLO!!  I’m so glad you found me!! I’m Colette and I help people get the most out of their life and work – finding lost mojos and blowing away the grey clouds of dissatisfaction and frustration.

I don’t care what your life choices are – it doesn’t matter whether you have chosen to stay at home and look after your kids, are a high flier in a multinational or are starting and running your own business.  As long as it is genuinely YOUR choice (and not what you think you ‘should’ be doing) and it is working for you AND the people you love then THAT is all that matters.

We spend a lot of our life on autopilot and it’s easy to get lost amongst working and loving and running around making sure everyone else is happy.

I mean who actually are YOU in amongst all the roles you play?

Well, I’m here for YOU, pure and simply.

I help you take a deep breathe and create the space to rediscover yourself, believe in yourself and the amazing possibilities open to you and to start consciously creating the life and work you REALLY want.

You are so important I can’t even find the words to tell you!! And I mean it from my heart and soul that you are born to shine because when you are shining from the inside out you will positively inspire your children, your partner, your colleagues, your business partners, your clients and everyone else in your life. You will BE the change you want to see.  You ARE the trigger to that huge and wonderful ripple effect.

The people you love will learn how to be resourceful themselves because YOU have shown them how. They will love themselves and treat themselves with respect, because YOU have shown them how.

So I invite you to ask yourself, can you put your hand on your heart right now and say that you are living authentically? That you are being the best you?  That you are being the role model you really want to be? That you are already living a life that fulfils and inspires you?

If you have ANY niggle of doubt that things aren’t the way you want them to be. If you aren’t yet work life happy then please do something about it.

Reach out and connect, I’m here for you.

You CAN #beworklifehappy and I can show you how


Coaching is such a privileged job.

My clients trust me to hold a space for them to open up and share their frustrations, sadness and joy with me. It’s a beautiful experience to be part of and watching you learn about yourself and blossom is beyond rewarding. So thank you sincerely, for investing in yourself and inviting me to be part of your #beworklifehappy journey.

  • I have been sceptical in the past about psychometric tests and reports but was happy to accept Colette’s recommendation that I try EQ. The online questionnaire was not difficult to complete and the results are very accurate (my wife would agree to that!) The real benefit comes from the discussion with Colette of the results. It helped me understand how I can use my strengths to help me work on my weaker areas and the results are already showing. I can really see EQ being of benefit in a team dynamic as the Strategies for Action suggested are practical and workplace focused.

    Alastair Livingstone
  • It’s a bit difficult putting into words (that someone else would understand) what you do but here goes! Colette has such enthusiasm for life. She clearly cares passionately about the people she works with and had the ability to adapt to my style to ensure that I got the most from my coaching sessions. We laughed a lot and by the end of our time together I have a plan I believe in, can visualise and which motivates me. Colette is a star.  

  • I have been feeling a lot more positive lately and taking no prisoners!

    Goal setting workshop
  • Today helped me… building my confidence and just giving me other ways to think and see things…I feel a lot more positive and energised!

    Goal setting workshop
  • Colette has such enthusiasm for life. She clearly cares passionately about the people she works with and had the ability to adapt to my style to ensure that I got the most from my coaching sessions. We laughed a lot and by the end of our time together I have a plan I believe in, can visualise and which motivates me. Colette is a star

    Alastair Livingstone
  • To quote a very wise woman I know, Colette is "freaking awesome" and she will make you feel "freaking awesome" too. I live abroad but have been able to take part in an online course with her. Personal development was something I was keen to work on and when I saw a friend post a link about the online group she was joining I messaged her to ask about it. She told me Colette was amazing and I'd absolutely love her so I signed up for the first month just to see what it was all about. She wasn't wrong. Instantly I was hooked. Our weekly calls quickly became the highlight of my week. I am always buzzing after them and feel like I can take on the world. If I'm honest I had kind of lost myself a while back and got stuck in that day to day rut. Colette has reignited that spark in me again and I'm working towards things I at one time believed wouldn't be possible. I have seen massive changes in myself over just a few month & others have noticed it as well. Everyone comments on how happy and positive I am all the time. I am no stranger to things such as psychology, CBT & hypnotherapy as I was diagnosed with PTSD after a serious a car accident years ago. In all those years nothing has gotten through to me, helped as much or as quickly, made so much sense to me, or left me feeling as in control or empowered as Colette's course. For the first time ever I feel I am getting to the bottom of everything myself, not that someone is looking for or expecting a certain answer. I love her down to earth approach and straight talking. The support of others in the group has also been amazing. That comes from the atmosphere that Colette creates. We tackle some serious biggies but always find a giggle and end with smiles all around. I cannot recommend this freaking awesome superstar enough! Thank you Colette for everything.

    Leanne Lanzalea Drama & Burlex Teacher
  • Today helped me analyse what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at, acknowledging what my ‘drillers’ are….positivity about the future with renewed energy and building my confidence to meet the challenges.

    Strengths workshop
  • I have been actively taking part in an online course that was devised by Colette. I wasn't entirely certain what it would entail but I knew from conversations I had with Colette that this would be something of great value. I wasn't wrong! I didn't think that I needed coaching because I was already involved with personal development. However, it was only when I embarked on this monthly course that I realised just how much in need I was. The impact so far that it has had on my lifestyle has been immense. I have been able to improve relationships with others, think logically about possible stumbling blocks in my career choices, build confidence in areas that I felt weren't worth working on, find solutions to potential life changing decisions. I could go on and on because I have learned so very much. Colette has a knack of making you think in ways that can only serve you. She offers reassurance when everything feels so difficult to achieve. She creates a path way through the fog and guides you gently towards your goals. Her honesty and straight talking is welcomed during times of confusion. I am a mum. I am a working parent trying to balance work and family life and so to have someone to reach out to who knows her shizzle is a huge relief. I couldn't honestly recommend her enough. She truly is quite something. If you are intrigued, join. If you are unsure, join. If you're lost and looking for hope, guidance or even a life line (because for some people that's what's needed), then join! I promise it will be money well spent. Colette does not only offer this on line course. I know that she also works one to one with people and so therefore she offers something for everyone.

    Kelly Rix Arbonne Consultant & Fitness Instructor at Belles of Burlex
  • I now recognise where my strengths and weaknesses lie and how to recognise what I can do

    Strengths workshop
  • The time I spent with Colette was invaluable because she helped me develop strategies to be more assertive and positive when faced with challenges. With Colette's help and guidance I was able to address the challenges I faced then and have continued to reflect on and apply what I learned from her in my everyday employment challenges. I believe that Colette is a very astute individual who helps others not only when she is working directly with them, but also manages to continue providing subtle indirect assistance through simple things such as an e-mail to include someone in something that she thinks might benefit them. Although these gestures are small they still carry considerable weight in helping others realise that their day to day lives matter. Colette helped me address challenges I had, had for almost 20 years in less than six months.

    Derek Johnstone

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