If you say you think only positive thoughts, you’re kidding on.  Things happen – we get tired, cranky and hungry, people do irrational things, awful things happen in the world around it and it’s human to for thoughts that reflect this to pop into your mind.  Hear them, feel them, learn from them and let them go…don’t whatever you do repress them and layer a ‘positive’ thought on top of it.

Thinking positive thoughts doesn’t change things, yes it can make things appear nicer but do you want to stick a band aid over a broken bone or actually do something to properly heal that bone so you can go on to use that limb properly again?

Emotions are there to guide us, plain and simple.  We feel things because there is a message there for us to hear and it is ultimately our choice whether or not to listen.  Like my son wearing his headphones, it doesn’t mean that I’m not speaking to him – it does mean he’s choosing not to hear me…or anyone else for that matter!

Choose to slow down.  Choose to listen.  Choose to honestly and openly feel what you are feeling.  Then whether those feelings are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, let them go and create space for new experiences and moments.

I am actually a huge advocate of thinking positively but only when it is real. Otherwise, you’re being a fraud and deep down you KNOW that’s true yet you convince yourself that life ‘should’ be good and you ‘should’ be manifesting all sorts of wonderful things…but it doesn’t happen and you beat yourself up that you’re not getting the life you want.  Then you gloss over this with more ‘positive thinking’.  I am happy, I am happy, I am happy!  (I say this with confidence as I was this person)

I promise you, acceptance is a powerful and beautiful state to be in and yes it does take courage to actually admit to yourself how you really feel but the sense of freedom is amazing and creating the life and work you want becomes much easier when you are actually aligning your thoughts and feelings with your actions.

I will be happy, I will be happy, I will be happy…turns quickly into a strong belief that I AM happy, right now in this moment. And before you know it, it’s true.  Because it came from a genuine place.

Focus on what you really want to have happen.  Focus on the what makes you grateful.  Focus on things that bring you joy.  Focus on things that bring other people joy.  Breathe deeply and often.  Smell the roses.  Be real.

That’s when the magic happens.