Work with me 1:1

So you've been feeling fed up and frustrated lately and it's affecting your work.

Actually, if you're totally honest, it's spilling out into your personal life too now isn't it?

You’re grumpier than usual and the little niggles that you normally let slide are beginning to eat away at you!

Those arguments you’ve been having with your husband or mother in law….

Your kids driving you madder than usual….

NO ONE can do ANYTHING right!!

Your mojo has definitely left the building….and you have NO clue where it has gone, and you don’t have the energy to go find it.

And BOY, it feels pants doesn’t it?

Having that grey cloud hovering over you.

And oh my goodness that feeling of discontent is crippling!

Because you SHOULD be doing a whole lot more than you’re doing, shouldn’t you?

And you definitely SHOULD have achieved so much more than you have by now.

And perhaps most annoying, you know you SHOULD be happy because in the scheme of things, things ARE ok – you have people who love you, a  bed to sleep in and food in your belly.  So you feel like such an ungrateful hooha for feeling the way you are right now too.

Brilliant…JUST the cherry you need to top the cake you REALLY don’t want to eat!

You’re fed up going round in circles as you pretty confident you will feel better if you ride this out but you’ve been here before and you’re also pretty sure it won’t be long before you’re feeling deflated yet again. That grey cloud never feels that far away.

But you don’t want anyone to know how rubbish you are feeling because you’re such a private person.  You keep yourself to yourself.  And you’re REALLY good at putting a face on things…you may have told a couple of close friends or your partner at a push but even then you haven’t told them everything as the thought of people knowing the truth makes you feel sick and uncomfortably vulnerable.

And when you think of the future if you choose to go on like this, you feel the weight of all those disappointments, those unachieved goals and arguments with your loved ones and colleagues borne out of frustration, and it crushes you. The more time goes past you see the glimmer of the life and work you REALLY wanted to have fade away and the darker your life seems.

You want things to change sooooo badly….you just feel stuck.

You WANT to be super clear about what you are doing – you want your focus back (if you’ve ever had it!).

You WANT to genuinely feel good about yourself and what you are doing in your life and work.

You WANT to have a direction, a purpose, a raison d’etre.

You WANT to really freaking believe that you are MORE than good enough and everything WILL be ok.

And you CAN have all of that.


PS. Dare ya to scream that out loud 😉

Imagine now that you’ve turned all that around. You really appreciate who you are and know how you tick and YOU are now fully in the driving seat of your life.  You’ve created far better habits of thinking and you know how to reset and refuel AND create the life and work you want….and you’re doing it!

People have noticed something different about you.

You’ve got a twinkle back in your eye.

They’ve noticed that you are laughing and smiling with your mother in law.  In fact, you’re getting better results in every area of your life!

And they are wondering what’s happened to you.

Mwahhh…..and they will never know. It’s your secret.

You have made amazing changes because you’ve taken the leap and we’ve worked together.

You see, working with me is completely confidential.  The only people who will know we are working together is us, unless obviously YOU choose to tell other people or you give me permission to share.

Working with me 1:1 means you have a partner in crime as you make the changes in yourself and your life and work.

I know that’s what you want and need not only because I’ve been where you are too but also because I’ve worked with so many people over the years that it’s clear to me: creating the life and work you REALLY want takes time and perseverance.  I can help you make quick changes to your self belief and perception and I can help you consider different approaches that will help you get the results you want…but YOU need to do the work.  YOU need to take action and start showing up as the person you really want to be. YOU need to apply for new opportunities, do new things in your business or start having different conversations with your colleagues and family.  And while I really want the first time you do all this to be amazing, it may not be but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to work.  It simply means there are things to tweak until it DOES work.  Having someone in your corner to count on and who knows what you’re aiming for is invaluable.  I’m your sounding board, your mirror, your cheerleader as you take action to create the life and work you REALLY want.

I’m rooting for you and will do everything I can to ensure you get the result you want.

Sound good?

You'll get so much from working with me privately 1:1


Ditching your emotional baggage…because your mojo is lost at the bottom of that bag 😉

Getting clear on WHO you are and HOW you want to show up in the world

Figuring out what you REALLY want to create in your life and work

Rediscovering your mojo and start feeling freaking invincible and in top form

Gain an appreciation of yourself and the world around you that will improve EVERY aspect of your life and work

Getting your sparkle back

Feeling good and KNOW that you’re in control and have the tools and understanding to reset and refuel whenever you need to.

Having me as your teamie and cheerleader high fiving you (discreetly) as you make all these things happen!

The bang you get for your buck

Here’s the nuts & bolts of what you’ll be receiving…

In essence you get 3 months full support from me so you get your mojo back, know what the heck you’re doing with your life, work or biz and know that you DO have all the resources you need to create the life you REALLY want.

  • You are a Very Important Person and over the next 3 months I’m going to be your supportive partner as we work together to make sure you really appreciate the truth in that!  This is about YOU and what YOU need, want and what works for you.  I’ve found that working with you on a flexible and results focused basis is far more effective than a prescriptive 6 or 10 sessions.  You’re investing in yourself and trusting me to help you….let’s do that.
  • We’ll start with an intensive session of up to 3 hours where we get clear on what it is you REALLY want to achieve and what the issues are that are hindering your wellbeing and your progress.  That will give us a map as to how we move forward and what actions will best help you.
  • The rest of our 3 months together will be spent resolving and overcoming these issues, action planning and implementing so you are actively creating the life and work you REALLY want
  • You’re going to be keen to hit the ground running and start getting results so you may want to have a number of sessions in quick succession…to really deal with stuff and get that clarity and confidence you want back.
  • You may prefer short and sweet sessions several times a week or you may prefer deep dive sessions once a month with accountability in between.     How your 3 months of support works out is between you, me and our         diaries…we’ll have a chat and agree a rough schedule that works for us       both and that you feel meets your needs.
  • You’ll also have unlimited email or messenger contact in between coaching sessions so you KNOW someone has your back and is rooting for you.  I’ll aim to respond to you within 24 hours and if for some reason I can’t (for example, I’m on holiday) so you’ll always know an answer is winging it’s way to you soon.
  • If you need an emergency phone call when things come up that’s ok too – I am here for you to ensure you get the result you’re after.
  • Our emotional intelligence has been shown to be key to our success….and I want you to be successful!!  As such I will encourage you to complete an Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0) profile to give you an insight into the areas you can leverage and develop in order to enhance your wellbeing and results. It’s a great visual tool with lots of insights and action points.
  • I use a strengths approach which means I focus on what you naturally do well rather than your weaknesses.  I want you to get the successes you want with ease….and learning what your strengths are and how you can use them to get into a state of flow is a big part of the #beworklifehappy formula. I’ll ask you to complete a Talent Dynamics strengths profile and help you to appreciate your energy, strengths and how to best approach taking actions in order that you are working smart rather than hard.
  • Our coaching sessions will usually be online using a platform called Zoom.  If your local to Paisley however or want to travel we can meet in person at my office (I’ll shout the coffee!) Or if you’d prefer me to come to your home or office let’s chat and we’ll build that into your program although there may be an addtional fee to cover the additional time and travel.
  • Our online sessions will be recorded and uploaded together with your notes into your personal file on DropBox so you have anytime access to everything we are working on together. I will add resources I feel will be useful to you and you are welcome to add anything you want me to look over.  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Your investment in 1:1 support to get your mojo back and start shining again is £1500

Your resources are valuable – your time, energy and your money which is why I want to make sure we are a good fit and I’ll definitely be able to help you get the results you want.  If you’re in any way curious (and you’ve got this far so I’m betting you are, then please schedule a connection call with me now and I will help you figure out a way forward.  

This is NOT a sales call where I talk about me and pitch you my products….it’s 30 minutes where we discuss where you are now and what you REALLY want to happen.  And if I think I am best placed to help you I’ll absolutely suggest how we can work together…and if there are other resources that would be of better use to you right now, I’ll happily signpost you to those too.

And yes, I get it, no one ever has hiring a coach in their budget so this is amount YOU prioritising YOUR life and work, so we’ll figure out a way to make this work for both of us.  So if you genuinely feel that what I’ve described is what you need yet get caught up in ‘I can’t afford it’ thinking,   please ask yourself, ‘What’s the cost of continuing to live an unfulfilled life?’

Let's talk!

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Now is a great time to start creating and experiencing the life and work you REALLY want.