What is coaching ? 

Coaching is in essence where you get help to get your sh*t together and shine.

Ultimately, you absolutely freaking rock…and while you may not feel it (yet!), you DO have all the solutions and resources you need inside you RIGHT NOW.  The thing is, we overthink and complicate things.  Imagine a heap tangled christmas light, sometimes they can be easy to unravel and other times it can be deeply infuriating!  You CAN do it just sometimes it’s easier with help.

Coaching isn’t TELLING you what to do.  It’s a supportive relationship that creates a space for you to reflect on your present situation and figure out the best solutions and actions that will help you get the results you want in your life and work.

With skilful questioning you’ll become aware of how freaking awesome you actually are. Studies show that action and lasting change is far more likely through gaining personal insights than through accepting external advice.

Unlike counselling, coaching is future focused. Your past has brought you to now and it has given you many things, some of which you’ll be happy with and some possibly not so much. However it’s the choices you make from this moment onwards that will determine the future you create.

If you have ANY questions about coaching or working with us  simply schedule a complimentary connection call and let’s figure it out together.

  It’s good to talk!

Why would coaching benefit me?

We all would benefit from coaching simply because it creates space for you to reflect ON yourself and your situation. When we are IN the problem or situation (even if the ‘problem’ is simply wanting to stretch yourself and achieve more) it’s far more difficult to spot the issues and the solutions. Think of it like being lost in a forest where all you can see are the trees and then finding a hill to climb, and as you sit at the top of that hill you can see the many paths that will take you where you want to…and even give you a view of places you hadn’t even considered an option before.

Coaching supports you to be your best. And when you are at your best you are best placed to create the results you want AND be the kickass role model you want to be.

I help ambitious mums like you who have an entrepreneurial spark that makes you want to live life on your own terms.

 I help you develop the mindset that will support you create the results you want – ditch the guilt and flick that gremlin off your shoulder!

I help you #beworklifehappy

And it starts with YOU, is it time to reset, refuel and be the parent and person you really want to be?

Clients hire me because they: 

  • Are fed up, frustrated and just KNOW there is more to life that what they have experienced so far
  • Have lost their way and aren’t getting the results they want because they’re not clear about what you REALLY want to do
  • Have ‘chasing shiny things’ syndrome where everything seems exciting, they have so many ideas of what they COULD do and now want to get down to business and DO something about them.
  • Want to reconnect with who they actually are beyond mum, dad or manager
  • Want to find a way of balancing satisfying work with being the person they want to be and having the life they want to have
  • Are returning to work after having kids and they have no clue what to do and want to prepare for job search and those oh so scary seeming interviews!

How does it work?


Most often I work with you on a 1:1 basis and this is either in my office in Paisley (just outside of Glasgow) or virtually through Zoom or Skype.  Other locations can be arranged by prior agreement where required as part of a support package.

You can select to use a stand alone coaching session to help you deal with a small and specific issue however experience has shown me that if you want BIG results investing in a package is well worth it.  Yes you may gulp and that is a good thing because you are making the decision to really get your shit together and start shining and THAT takes commitment AND effort so if you want a supportive partner to help you then get in touch.

The potential is in each and every one of us to shine, NO MATTER what your life experience has been up until now so you CAN make big changes…if you want to. You CAN gain a deeper understanding of life that will simplify your life.

So please schedule a no obligation connection call. In that time we talk and get to know each other and I will aim to help you as much as I can…and yes, if I think I can help on a deeper level I’ll give you my honest suggestions as to how we could work together to get you the results you want.

I’m curious, what now? 

To find out more or to get started simply send me a message.