I’ve been coaching and guiding people for moons now, I actually qualified as a careers adviser over 15 years ago now!!  The work people do has always fascinated me and it made perfect sense to become a careers adviser especially as I had no clue what I wanted to do myself…cue a life pattern, training in the thing I need most! Need careers guidance? Become a careers adviser. Need help figuring out why I’m feeling stuck and demotivated? Train in NLP and coaching. This isn’t a pattern I’d recommend btw but it is one that is common in ‘people helping roles’. So many people are attracted to helping other people when deep down they want to sort their own life out. And here’s the irony, if you really truly want to help people and make a difference in the word it starts right inside you, always.
Einstein once said that we can’t solve a problem from the same level from which it was created. This resonates with me because for you to truly help someone then while being part of the same problem, albeit in different context, definitely helps to build rapport and empathy there is a big risk you slip into assumption rather than putting on your explorers hat and going into new territory.

Imagine that you have all the resources inside right now.  The thing is that the lighting is controlled by a dimmer switch so sometimes you can’t actually see all the resources you have. When we work on ourselves we learn how to control the dinner switch so we can turn up the light when we need it, pick the resources that will best help us and use them. And the irony is that learning how to do this for ourselves helps us help others so much more effectively.

My greatest learning from my journey of helping others before myself has been the importance of creating time and trusting myself. Of being brave enough to shine the light on myself and sorting myself out and without a shadow of a doubt it’s been worth it.
It’s so easy to overthink things and believe that our problem will be solved if we only ‘know’ more. If we ‘find’ that missing piece of the puzzle it will all make sense. But all that presupposes that you don’t have everything you need right here and now…that you are somehow incomplete.
You are perfect the way you are right now this very second.
You have everything you need right now to make the changes in your life you want to and to be the person you really want to be.
You don’t ‘need’ anything else other than the space and stillness to trust yourself. Connect with what YOU really want…and that may not be what you’ve been thinking you ‘should’ want.
Trust that the only thing you really need is the awareness of the very next step to take. And you have the resources to do that. Pinkie promise.
I’d like to invite you to create a few moments every day to just be. Be still. Let everything settle…like a snow globe. Learn to be with yourself, learn to listen to yourself and learn to trust and act on your intuition.
It may that you WANT to experience certain things, to retrain, to KNOW more about something and absolutely trust and follow that guidance. But you don’t NEED it.
Because you are perfectly imperfectly wonderful just as you are.
Happiness is the precursor to success not the result of it. So if you want great results in your life and be the change you want to see, get your happy on first and start shining.