What do you want to do when you grow up? It’s a common question most of us have been asked while at school and actually some us now may be asking our own kids.
Perhaps a more useful question however would be, what kind of  life do you really want to create?
Although, if we change our focus for a moment, is what you DO more important than WHO you are?
You are a Human Being not a human doing after all!
WHO you are shows up in everything you DO.  So my invitation to you is to simplify the process while amplifying the results and stop focusing on what you want to do and start getting clear about who you want to be first.
When you really appreciate yourself and the way you want to show up in the world, the opportunities that suit you will be so much more obvious.
Does this opportunity allow me to BE who I want to be?
Does this opportunity help me bring my message to the world?
Does this opportunity enable me to be who I am and want to be?
Does this opportunity bring me joy?
Does this opportunity meet my needs?
Creating the life and work you want is a marriage of self awareness and opportunity awareness and all to often we focus on the latter but without strong foundations of self awareness we are setting ourselves up for a fall.
To convince other people of your value you NEED to appreciate your own value.
To work in a team effectively you NEED to understand what you bring to that team and how you get your best work.
To manage the juggle of work load pressures and life you NEED to be living authentically as juggling takes energy….and so does putting on a face.  Something WILL suffer eventually however when you genuinely bring yourself to everything you do you’ll find it far easier to reset and refuel because ultimately there is no longer a hole in your bucket.