I know a lot of schools aren’t back til next week, that’s if you’re in Scotland at least but we all went back today.  There was a slight woop of delight from me as I get back to work and a slight sigh as I love having my brood around.  That combined with the concoction of angst and awe at how all the kids have grown.  Oooft!!

That’s the beauty of parenthood – a pendulum of emotion.

But now the summer holidays are over what about you?  The last 6 weeks has been a juggle of entertainment, work and an attempt at refuelling yourself in your time off so it’s usual to have parked any thoughts of your own professional or personal development.  Loads of parents wait until their kids are back at school to focus on themselves and that time has now come.


What do you want to develop in yourself?

What will make your life and work more satisfying?

What do you want more of?

What do you want less of?

What has been frustrating the bejesus out of you and you want to deal with once and for all?

Book some time for yourself to reconnect with who you are beyond mum and all the other roles you have and start thinking about what you want.  You’ll feel better for it and as a result you’ll be putting your best self forward in all that you do.  Your worth it and your family deserves a refuelled and happy mum.

You might want to join other people who are also exploring and improving their work & life by coming along to my monthly meetup, join the #beworklifehappy bookclub or get back in the game through an intensive resolution session with me.

Whatever you choose, do something just for you.