Happiness is a funny thing isn’t it?

We all want it but a lot of us believe we don’t have it and it’s slightly beyond our reach.  Especially when you’ve had things happen in your life that naturally dampen the spark that happiness brings.

That’s where kids come in as they are wonderful sources of wisdom that us grow ups may have forgotten.

If you don’t have a little person in your life in any shape or form please go and create a way that you can watch one for a few hours (*please tell the owner of the child what you’re doing or else you may come across as a wee bit odd nay creepy!*)

Have you noticed the tantrums and dramatics little people have?  If they stub their toe or another child takes their toy, you may well think their little world has ended.  And they cry and howl and go red in the face and give you those big  sad eyes, it’s easy to feel their pain.  But then they recover.  Reeeaaaallly quickly.  And before you know it little Sarah is skipping off into the sunset and no one would ever know what had just happened.  Except you, who is still holding onto the picture of those sad eyes…and a little residual anger at the other child’s parent for ‘letting’ the toy gate happen in the first place.

Sarah has moved on.  She felt that emotion at the time and lived it…then let it go.

That’s the innate thing to do – feel it, learn from it and let it go.  Emotions are like cars driving past your window.  You have limited control over what drives past but unless you choose to stop them, they will keep on driving past.

That red car, say it represents anger.  It comes into your awareness, let yourself experience it and learn what you need to learn from it. Then let it go…just like little people do.

As we grow up our thinking capacity develops, and because a lot of humans believe ‘thinking’ is the thing that makes us human we focus on this as an amazing capacity that is highly respected.  And the natural flow of our emotions is forgotten as we hold on to them and examine them with our newfound intellect.  The thing is, just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

Yes, we can find meaning in every emotion we experience.  Is that helpful?  Does it serve us?  In some cases it will…put your hand over a flame and you will feel pain.  Learn from that and don’t do it again.  Don’t choose to examine the pain and think you deserve it because you did x, y or z 10 years ago.

Tap into your inner child, you already know what to do so all you need to do is start doing it again.  Feel it, learn from it and let it go.


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