Talent Dynamics Strengths Profiling

Talent Dynamics is a simple and powerful personality profiling tool currently used with success worldwide. There are 8 Talent Dynamic profiles and when you see and understand the profile you most identify with it becomes far easier to reset, refuel and create the life and work you want.

You’ll have a greater APPRECIATION of yourself, it will be easier to BELIEVE in the possibilities open to you, CREATE plans want based on who you are and use strategies that will keep you in flow and DO what you need to do to get the results you want.

You Talent Dynamics profile quickly identifies:

  • which personality profile you are most aligned with
  • your core talents and strengths
  • how you can be most productive
  • what activities will harness you energy and enhance your results
  • how you can add most value within any team
  • your preferred thinking styles and behaviours
  • how you can more easily reap the results you want through being in flow

What is Flow?

Imagine for a moment that you had to navigate a river. Would it be easier to paddle upstream or to go with the flow of the river? It’s obvious that using the natural flow of the water, and the strength that comes from that, will greatly simplify our task. We could absolutely choose to exhaust ourselves paddling against the tide but if it will still take us to where we want to be, why take the hard way?

It’s the same in life. Everything has a natural path of least resistance and when we learn what ours are, we can use this to our advantage. When you are in ‘flow’ things feel really easy and natural to you. You’ll feel in the ‘zone’ and be easily energised by what you’re doing – even when it’s something challenging. And challenges are inevitable so why not position ourselves so we are refuelled and ready to overcome them?

Stop trying to be everything to everyone!

We each bring something different to the party, that’s why team work is so important. When we do what we are naturally good at we get far better results which builds trust in ourselves as well as other people trusting our ability to deliver.

You have probably read about or watched lots of people’s ‘success stories’ which include the low down on how they achieved their results…and suggesting you do the same. It may even seem like some of them contradict each other which one saying ‘do this’ and another to ‘do that’. The thing is, they are both right as they are each what worked for their own personality profile. And the strategy and approach that worked for one person may not work for another.

By getting to know who you are, how you get into flow and are energised you more able to spot the ‘success stories’ that could be useful for you to model. And give you confident to ignore the rest. Appreciating you Talent Dynamics profile helps you cut to the chase and do what works for you.

More about the Talent Dynamics Profile

Signature Strength work in collaboration with Rapid Transformation to bring you your personalised Talent Dynamics profile. After receiving your Talent Dynamics Token to complete your questionnaire online, you will receive your 18 page report which will detail:

  • Your primary profile in detail
  • Your areas of strengths & challenges.
  • Where you’d get your successes & where you’d struggle.
  • The best & worst activities for you in a team.
  • The best & worst activities in business or workplace.
  • The best operating environments for your profile.
  • An overview of your secondary profiles & how they could support you.
  • Who would be the best people to role model for you!
  • Insights into the Wealth & Talent Dynamics Square & the origins of Wealth & Talent Dynamics.
  • Overview of the 8 different profiles & the 5 Talent Frequencies.
  • Leadership styles for each profile.
  • Ultimately, it will help you to see what you should be doing more of & less of, so you can really maximise whatever you do going forward in your life and work.

Order your profile: £50  

Bring your report to life with a debrief session where you can: 

  • Ask any questions you have around the report, your profile and how you can use it to enhance your results and experience of flow.
  • Together we can delve into what’s going on for you and how you can use the awareness of you profile to refuel, reset and create the results you want in your life and work.
  • Get clear about the strategies and activities that are working for you and the ones that aren’t.

Order your profile with Skype or telephone debrief session: £127  

Order your debrief session (if you already have your report): £97  

Talent Dynamics for your team

Signature Strength work in collaboration with Rapid Transformation to deliver these Talent Dynamics profiles for individuals. If you are interested in this being delivered to your business team please do get in touch with Osmaan Sharif who will happily give you an insight into how he can work with you to bring Talent Dynamics to life within your organisation.