Give a painter a paintbrush

Imagine for a minute, that you have been commissioned to paint the most amazing picture. You have all the tools you need and whatever you choose to do, it's just perfect. It's perfect because it is made by you and people need and admire your talents and want you to use them.

What if this happened in 'real' life?  What if you had all the resources you need to make something amazing happen?  And people wanted you to do it?

What if you can choose for this to happen?   You have a unique set of talents, the combination of who you are and what you do well.  You have all the resources you need to make that first step towards what you want.  I agree, you may not yet have everything you need right now this minute and I also know that that is ok, you have all you need to start and the rest will come.

When you appreciate your own set of gifts and are working in line with what you believe and value everything else will fall into place.  You will have the energy to look for opportunities which will be more noticeable or you will creating for yourself.  That's the wonderful thing about career guidance and coaching, it's a process that enables you to tap into who you are and unleash your potential!

The first step is acknowledging you are truly worth investing in....who knows what the last step will be....