It’s way to easy to live our lives according to what we think we ‘should’ be doing isn’t it?

I ‘should’ be further ahead in my career than this.

I ‘should’ be getting better results than this in my business.

I ‘should’ go back to work full time

I ‘should’ be with my kids and not spending as much time working.

I ‘should’ feel so much happier than I do!!!

It’s crazy isn’t it?! And we all do it to some extent…even if we’ve trained ourselves out of this be habit, it still comes knocking every now and then.

But here’s the thing. All your shoulding is doing is simply highlighting something you believe is important and triggering emotions that are warning you of the potential that you could be going or have gone off track.

So shoulding is an invitation to get curious.

It’s an invitation to pause…

To ask yourself according to whom? We so often take on bird other peoples values without checking in with whether they are actually ours too.

To ask yourself what the benefit is of that thing…and check in with the benefits of what you ARE doing. The grass always seems greener on the other side but you’ve been watering this side for a reason and it’s time to remember what that is.

Yes sometimes a ‘should’ IS a sign that you do actually WANT to start watering the grass on another side. In which case stop ‘shoulding’ and start wanting and make what you want actually happen!

And if you find that ‘should’ doesn’t fit with who you are and the life and work you want to create, then guess what? Sling that ‘should’ to the sidewalk sister!