lightbox opticians

I was at the opticians the other day for my usual eye and contact lens check up…fascinating I know but I do have a point to sharing this with you!  I’ve not got great eyesight although it’s not awful by any manner of means but my world is definitely blurry without a bit of extra help.  The thing is, I presume that I see most things even without my glasses…even if things are a bit foggy, I can still tell something is there.

Mmmm…apparently not.

You know the lightbox with the letters on it they use to tell what you can see and how clearly?  Well, without my glasses on this box looked completely bare, in fact I would have sworn to you there were no letters on it….but I KNEW there were! I had seen them with my own lens enhanced eyes! Which got me wondering, what else I could be missing without realising?


It’s not just our eyes that ‘see’.  I’ve just started a blogging challenge which means I’m on the prowl for ideas to blog about so have adopted a more curious and open outlook to every day and as a result I’m noticing themes and getting ideas from the simplest of things.  Like this trip to the opticians.

Would I have pondered what else I could be missing in life if I was thinking about what to make for dinner or ticking off my to do list?  I doubt it.

Through setting a goal to write and post a blog a day over a month I’m opening my mind and preparing it to spot the opportunities I need to fulfil my intention.  That’s the power of goal setting, when you believe in your goal and are committed to it your mind naturally finds ways to support you.

And when you get stuck and can’t think of a way forward…it’s just because you haven’t spotted the solution yet.  It IS there, somewhere.

Just like those letters on the lightbox.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on your experience of goal setting and getting unstuck!  And if you enjoyed this blog or know of anyone who may benefit from it please share it with them.

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