Discover your Passion and Purpose Challenge

Discover your Passion & Purpose

Join me for this FREE 4 day Discover your Passion & Purpose Challenge

We ALL want to #beworklifehappy right?

And living in your passion and purpose is key to that BUT for many people these words don’t resonate, they just aren’t sure what they mean and as for what they are passionate about….or a purpose?  Cue some head scratching and a niggle that they simply don’t have it.

  I have had SO many conversations with people who feel they have neither passion nor purpose in their life or work and this is why I’m running this challenge.

I want to help you resolve this niggle and start creating (and experiencing) the life and work you REALLY want.

I want to make it easy for you and I want you to get support as you’re doing it.

How this challenge will work

  • We’ll start on Monday 15th August for 4 days
  • You’ll receive an email on the morning of each day with content that will support you understand and discover your passion and purpose
  • I’ll be livestreaming at 7pm each evening in The #beworklifehappy Club facebook group to deep dive into the content of your email and answer any questions
  • Share your progress and thoughts in the group to help keep you and other mama bears accountable – you’re not alone in this. I’m here for you as is everyone in the group.
  • You’ll also be eligible for a super duper bonus at the end of the challenge too!

Sound good? Are you in?