This is Jen Wilson – she is one of those women who just knows her shit. 

Jen Wilson - Warrior Women

I hired her last year as my personal trainer because I wanted to get strong…and I was fed up of PT’s not listening to what I REALLY wanted.  Jen did.  She’s like that, listening to what YOU want to achieve, what’s important to YOU and then create something just for you from there. For me, that involved a whole lot of weird stuff that helped me put on my brave pants on and actually do a headstand PLUS be able to do a wheelbarrow.  Don’t judge me…these things mattered to me, my kids wanted me upside down (although the least said about that the better!) but I had ‘the fear’.  I had told this to other PT’s but they laughed.  Jen didn’t.  She may well have laughed inside but despite that she picked up the baton and unpicked my fear, my barriers to success and made me strong AND willingly upside down.  THAT is an achievement for which I will always be grateful for.

It was through working with her that I felt her sense of her being a woman with a purpose. She genuinely does want the best for you and has since created Warrior Woman, a personal development program for women who want to be their best.  She helps women get their happy on physically AND mentally through running workshops, pilates classes and personal training. She has also recently launched a 31 days Healthier Happier group on Facebook where she combines her passion and purpose through teaching and supporting people adopt healthier habits of mind and body.

Purpose to Jen is about doing what makes you feel happy…every single day. And her purpose is being able to help and teach people who to be their very best. To be happy and confident in themselves however that looks for them.

And for Jen her sense of purpose has evolved as she has grown, through having her own feet swept from under her by various life events and the process of building herself back up and developing her resilience. Not particularly academic at school she left and fell into working in a travel agent, dating a man (or boy as we are talking teenager years here!) who would have loved to settle down with her and have kids.  It was then that Jen began to sense there was more to life.  She KNEW what she DIDN’T want…and a life of domestication was definitely NOT on her agenda.

Yet while she wasn’t able to put her finger on it, she KNEW there was a whole lot more to life and she wanted in on it!

Her dad had taught her that following her gut was a good thing, to roll with the waves of life. When something is working to do more of that, and when it doesn’t work any longer – change it.  And that is exactly what she did. Jen shook things up and moved to Greece. So she would change some stuff in her life, be happy for while…shake it up again, be happy for a while…shake it up again. You get the picture.  And then she realised that a bigger change was needed and that when her first big career change came when she trained to be a personal trainer.

Life works in funny ways doesn’t it? Because it was here, at college, where she met Brian Costello, an NLP trainer who came to do a workshop on pleasure & pain and Jen was hooked.  Life began to make more sense as her self awareness grew and her journey in personal development developed. In career development terms that’s called happenstance…when we open doors and explore what’s through them, not having a linear plan of x leads to y.  In my years of experience I’ve certainly found this willingness to explore is a recipe for life AND career satisfaction.

Her introduction to personal development made her more attuned to her overall purpose, of helping people and getting the most out of life….and while THAT felt good, it did mean that difficult decisions had to be made and one of them was having honest conversations with her then husband about where they were and wanted to be, resulting in the decision to end their marriage.  Not an easy thing to do but the right thing to do for both of them.

To me that was such a brave thing to do, as Jen says to focus on the greater good rather than the ease and comfort of actions…so many people stay stuck because they are scared to venture into unchartered territory, the unknown seems scarier than the known regardless of how freaking painful and awful your ‘comfort zone’ is!

I could sense Jens eyes twinkle when I asked her what passion is to her….she said simply: happiness.  Then, with energy, she described it as the light behind your eyes, that even when you feel crap and exhausted and have had no sleep you STILL want to be there and put your BEST effort in.

Passion and purpose feed each other – through following your passions it’s easier to find your purpose.  Just like your passion, your purpose should light you up inside.  And that’s how it’s been for Jen…staying curious and consistently following what she enjoys, she has learned so much about herself and life. She has since gained qualifications in Health & Fitness, a degree in Sport & Exercise Science, a Post Graduate Teaching in Further Education and Master Practitioner level in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  See what I mean?  This lady is one who knows her shizzle!  That’s the thing about knowing what your passions are and being on purpose…you’ll go through hell fire to get stuff done. 

And Purpose + Passion = Easy Action and Action + Flexibility = Results. 

Her advice to you if you haven’t yet discovered your passion or purpose is to stay curious and keep looking at what you enjoy and like doing.  Don’t overthink it…because if you do you’ll go down the rabbit hole, get lost and never work it out!


And if you would like to discover your passion and purpose then you can do that here in this fab 4 day challenge full of activities that will support you get the benefits that living on purpose brings!