Sashka has one of the best faces in the whole entire world with a smile that lights up the room…or in my case the screen as we chatted over Skype. She has a glow of a woman on a mission, one who is on purpose and passionate about her life and work. She IS rocking it.

Which is why I wanted to connect with her.  I wanted to know more about how she discovered her passion and purpose and what impact it has made on her life.

Sashka works as a Brand – ING & marketing strategist helping business owners find their soul brand while also pursuing her love of dancing.  While some people (ok a LOT of people) are waiting for the heavens opening, the clouds parting and a choir of angels to sing ‘ahhhhhhhh’ as they shine god rays triggering THE moment when ALL becomes clear – that didn’t happen for Sashka.  Rather, it was more a sense of always knowing yet not having the words to explain it in a way that made sense.

As a child she was always putting on shows and figuring out how people wanted to feel as a result…and then creating ads and marketing her events to get people to come.  She had dreams of hollywood and movies and a deep connection with people who were trying to be their best through challenging circumstances.  The beauty pageants they watched as children used to have her crying when the winner had triumphed over adversity.  But her parents dismissed this, not intentionally, and created a belief in her that she was perhaps overly emotional although the sense of valuing the underdog never left her.

She KNEW what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be since around age 9 but life sometimes gets in the way and it’s not until we have a shift in perspective, as Sashka did when she left home and travelled to Scotland (another reason I like this woman!), that the limiting beliefs she grew up around began to shatter and reform into life affirming ones.  But it wasn’t until the birth of her first child that she was able to verbalise her life purpose: empowering underdogs who have so much more to give to shine through THEIR life purpose. And she has crafted this into her CAREER purpose through her natural talents to support business owners get clear on their SOUL brand. 

Genuis. And sooo freaking simple.

Because here’s the thing. It’s not meant to be hard.  You already know your purpose…it’s just you may not have listened to it.  And to create the life and work you REALLY want that’s the first thing you have to do.  Get curious, listen and trust and use your talents to put your purpose into action.

I know that may seem so crazily simple it’s not possible so if you’d like a bit more support to unpick your passion & purpose then do sign up for my 4 day Discover your Passion & Purpose challenge here

And if you have a business (or decide to create a business) and want to up level then DO check out Sashka’s work.  The easiest way to be guaranteed excellent results is to hire people who are working in their zone of genius, who are working with passion and on purpose. And Sashka is doing just that.

Sashka is the founder of Brand-ING Your Soul and is Brand-ING and Marketing strategist with a full-service agency.  Check out her website and her facebook group to find out more about the work she does.

PS. You’ll love her 🙂

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