It’s so easy to get caught up in our lives and not raise our heads to smell the roses and acknowledge how freaking awesome we are and all the things you’ve achieved…until your hand is forced and you absolutely HAVE to!

When you have the opportunity of a job you REALLY want to get…but how will you prove you’re THE best candidate for the role?

When you figure it’s time to get back into paid work after time being at home with your kids…but you feel so out the loop you don’t quite know where to start!

When you’re considering a business opportunity and it feels really exciting but you’re wondering whether YOU can actually make it a success?

When people come to me it’s often because they’re in some form of crisis, something is changing in their work or life and they want help.

And most often, they don’t have a full appreciation of how awesome they are…and it can be difficult drawing out examples of their awesomeness because they have forgotten half of them in the mists of time (and that is anything from 3 months ago to 30 years ago!)

The thing is, most of us don’t have a habit of recording our successes WHEN THEY HAPPEN or at least on a regular basis.

Give me an example of a time you when you had to manage competing priorities?

Any betting you’ll do this and many more really valuable things every single day yet you don’t give yourself credit for it.

My invitation to you is to start. Start before you ‘need’ to. It will serve you in 2 ways:

You’ll start realising that you get a WHOLE load of shizzle done…and done well, and you’ll begin to feel pretty bloody good about yourself (give yourself a pat on the back because YOU, my gorgeous, deserve it!)

If and when you have to prove to anyone that you CAN do something, the evidence will be right in front of you. No wracking your brains for examples and memories. It’ll be easy and you can get on with the very important job of shining.

Because you rock 😎