Hello and welcome to my new website! I’m really excited to be here and to share a bit of me with you together with the perspectives, experiences, and knowledge I’ve gathered over the years. What I know for sure is that we can all #beworklifehappy and I want to help show you how. 

#beworklifehappy is about appreciating what is happening right now, being in the moment, having a sense of gratitude for what’s going well (however big or small) and knowing yourself well enough that you play to your strengths.  Life IS easier when you do more of what you’re good at.

I started off as a careers adviser and quickly got really curious about why people didn’t achieve the goals they said they wanted (as well as being frustrated myself at why I wasn’t achieving my goals either!) . I was also fascinated at the differences between people who had positive experiences in work & life versus those who didn’t.

Those who held a perspective where they called the shots and were creators of their world seemed to thrive and perform better in all areas of their life than those who believed the world has shat on them from a great height and there is nothing they can do about it.

Cue lots of study into areas of sociology and psychology (NLP, Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology are the ones with the most juice for me) which backed up my observations as well as gave me an amazing toolkit that helped me and my clients get a lot more out of life. Fed up & frustrated?? Pah! Let’s do focused and free instead 🙂 And my journey so far has ultimately brought me here – to you.

I am an absolute realist – sometimes it may feel that the world has actually shat on you. In fact, maybe it has. Bad things happen, life can present us with challenges we didn’t want let alone were ready for, we can get lost in amongst the decisions we feel we have to make. And the pressure…..sheesh, the pressure! Of being someone other people want you to be, doing things that are expected of you, living up to expectations – even ones we set for ourselves let alone our family, workplace or generally what society deems you ‘should’ be.

But the great thing is, when you know who you really are, what matters to you and use some simple activities that help reconnect you with the essence of you and the wider world, you will be able to enjoy the good times and be confident that when the not so good come alone you’ll be strong and able to navigate them. You will #beworklifehappy.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you so please comment on my blogs, connect with me on social media and feel free to pick up the phone for a blether too. Old skool is still cool 😉