Emma Black is a bloody inspiration to everyone who meets her.

It’s not the fact that she is single handedly raising her gorgeous brood of 6 boys, yes SIX (something I have a not so secret longing for!) but it’s her approach to life and the energy that OOZES from her. And like many women who are now shining through living their life on purpose, she has travelled that well trodden path of frustration and emptiness coupled with the sense that there IS something more to life.


Emma always had a love of helping people and from a young age had a sense of something greater being afoot.  She had a natural instinct to nurture yet as a teenager her nurturing nature was either ignored or neglected at school and she came to believe that she wasn’t capable of achieving, with her guidance teacher laughing at the suggestion of her pursuing a career in nursing. So she didn’t.

Instead, without the encouragement and self belief that is so needed in our formative years Emma left school with neither qualifications nor a plan for her life beyond the bleak reality that surrounded her.

And so her life unfolded.

Not in an unexpected way as becoming a mum and working in domestic and hospitality jobs WAS expected, it just wasn’t what Emma REALLY wanted…not that she knew then what that was.  That sense of there being something more never left her, although at times it was certainly deeply buried, and she reconciled herself with focusing on raising her family and THEN, perhaps, exploring a life more satisfying.

But something happened that changed this course when she discovered the possibility that she COULD go to college, she COULD learn and achieve qualifications – there WAS more to life and she was able to make something good happen just for her, something she hadn’t believed until then.  So at age 28 she began her studies in Holistic Therapy.

The first chink of light glinted through.

Emma LOVED this new experience of learning and yearned for more, following her intuition to learn more about angels and using them as her guidance system. The lioness was awakening within her and she felt her eyes opening to the potential of life around her. 

Yet life was still tough.  She was constantly ill with various ailments and issues including fibromyalgia and she still felt stuck and describes her life as robotic as she went through the motions of an uninspired routine, being broke, miserable and in a loveless relationship. 

And then one day a sudden realisation… ’I can’t do this anymore, I want to LIVE!’

She started exercising, eating well and discovered the determination to change her life. But it wasn’t until her son Scott was born 10 weeks prematurely when she REALLY feels was her defining moment of discovering her purpose. 

Through this soul searching time she found the book Cosmic Ordering and this propelled her onto the path she is now on.  Her journey is one of perseverance as those around her thought she’d lost the plot and was having a breakdown when actually she was having a breakthrough!

Life purpose as Emma describes, is something deep within you, something that you are so passionate about that you’re driven to pursue.  And she feels her own purpose is to explore the metaphysical and help women discover the power within themselves – the power she first discovered within herself, one that she had felt from a young age yet circumstance had clouded.

Emma Black of Positive Power Healing

Emma devoured ALL the learning opportunities she could find, especially around psychic and spiritual development. She grew tired of the doom and gloom and victim mentality of some of the support groups she was part of which seemed to encourage the belief that the illnesses they experienced would be theirs forever – that there is no cure for fybromyalgia – something Emma instinctively knew was not true. That healing lay in personal and spiritual growth.

Her instinct proved right as she now no longer has ANY of the extremely debilitating symptoms of this illness and is rarely ill, even with a cold – a stark contrast to her experience only a few years previously.  And it was this physical and spiritual healing process that awoke her life purpose fully in the form of her business, Positive Power Healing.

It was while meditating that this name came to her – a place which would focus on the power of positivity and heal people through raising their vibration and energy levels. She was inspired to set up a healing centre and so needed funds to make this dream a reality!

At this time, Bob Proctor came into her life, again serendipitously, and she began to study his year long course where she realised that there MUST be a way that SHE could make this happen through her own doing.  This realisation has driven Emma to create a website and SEO optimisation company as well as develop a coaching business supporting women heal and create positive relationships with themselves. 

Emma admits her journey has been tough but she views the ups and downs she has had as food for her soul and an education in it’s own right.  Everything she has experienced has taught her something. 

Emma’s life now is a combination of conscious creation – deliberately choosing options that support her purpose and stuff just unfolding in pretty groovy law of attraction ways that so happen to support her purpose too.  Being on purpose IS exciting but it’s not always easy.  Emma needs to remind herself to balance and allow things to flow.  There is a LOT of work involved. What she is crystal clear about is the need for action. 

And she has taken a shit ton of action! 

The more action Emma takes the more she finds things have come to her – but these results have ALL stemmed from being proactive and taking action.

Her message to those of you who haven’t yet discovered your passion or purpose or who are experiencing difficult life circumstances is this: to work on yourself.  To go on courses, attend workshops and LEARN about yourself and the world around you.  Things WILL come up and bit by bit your passions and purpose WILL become clear.  And to accept that the whole process is a journey in itself as everything you have ever done and has ever happened to you has played a part in where you are now. NOTHING has been a failure.

Emma’s is most definitely a woman with purpose and passion for Igniting our Power Within and with the fire she has in her heart she is making a wonderful difference to her own life, that of her boys AND to the women she serves through her work.

THAT is the beauty of living your life on purpose.

Emma Black of Positive Power Healing

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