Doing your research is a wonderfully empowering thing and something we often skip when it comes to creating the work or business we want. Whether you want to find a satisfying job or create a business that flourishes it’s VITAL to appreciate the opportunities that are out there and figure out what they need and how what you offer meets these needs.

Successful careers and businesses come from a marriage of self awareness & opportunity awareness.

Once you know WHO you are (and want to be) and WHAT you offer (your skills, experience, qualities etc) then it’s time to get opportunity savvy. If you want a job, bear in mind hiring someone is like dating – you wouldn’t say yes to going out with someone who told you ‘I just live round the corner so you’re handy and I cant be bothered looking elsewhere’ …or maybe you would…in which case I have totally judged you 😉

So let’s get fussy…because you CAN choose.

You want to work with X type of people or Y type of organisation?

Spend some time identifying which organisations serve these people and where these people hang out.

Identify people you can speak with…and ask them about their work. What do they do?

What did they need to get that job? What is the recruitment process? What is the culture of the organisation?

Get curious and learn.

You want to leave with clarity as to:

A. what, if anything, you need to do to develop yourself to become high employable for that role

B. whether it actually is an organisation you would like to work with

If you run your own business or are setting one up please know that you can’t serve everyone…however much you want to, whatever it is you do because not everyone will want what you do or even like you. And genuinely the sooner you accept this the better things will be.

Consider how you use certain shops and services because of your own preferences…you are THEIR ideal client…so who is yours?

Figure that out and then find a few of them to ask them the stuff you want to know:

  • How do they make buying decisions?
  • Where do they look for services/products like yours?
  • What need do they want met?
  • What need would your product/service meet for them?

Whether for work or business – knowing your target market will make your message so much more powerful which means YOU will shine in the way that you were born to…and you’re increasing the likelihood of getting hired to do a job you love or running a business with the results you want.

All for a bit of research.