I like Claire. She is to me the epitome of the English Rose and has a beautiful glow about her which is apt, as her business is called Glow Coaching.  She has been on an intense road of self discovery over the past few years which has culminated in the service she now delivers which is completely aligned to her purpose. 13918399_10101594480775153_417642062_o

It wasn’t always like that though.

After studying Biology at university she fell into a career in insurance and what started as a 6 week placement resulted in working in this field for 6 years.  I’m sure this resonates with a lot of you too…it’s amazing how quickly we adapt to circumstances we never intended to last long!

While Claire made the most of her time in this sector…taking comfort from the element of relationship building, she knew she was on a slippery slope of not taking care of herself and accepting a less than satisfactory life and work.  In this life without purpose she felt lost, unfulfilled, unhappy and with the unenviable sense that SOMETHING was missing. 

Yet it wasn’t until she was raped that she sat up and listened.

Obviously this was a deeply traumatic and life questioning event…that’s what trauma does best, shifting your entire perspective and gets you experiencing things on levels you weren’t aware of, for good and for bad. 

Experiencing PTSD and receiving therapy for this created the space where Claire began to listen and trust herself again.  She began to sense what her life purpose was which was using her experiences to benefit women who had travelled similar paths.  Who were burned out. Stressed out and not looking after themselves.

She asked herself, ‘What would I do if I didn’t have to work?’

Always having been interested in food and health it was obvious for Claire to pursue a career in nutrition and as such she pursued her passion for science and nature and studied her Masters in Nutrition giving birth to her purpose of helping women, just like her, to realise they ARE worthy of time care and attention and they CAN create the life they want.

Passion though isn’t really a word that resonates with Claire, rather for her, ambition and drive are more fitting.  She elaborates that it’s more of a sense of being connected with yourself together with a sense of excitement…of wanting the world to know what she knows, of those goosebumps when clients get breakthroughs, aha moments and transformations that come from a shift in perspective, new insights and action.  The beauty in these moments are such that coaches the world over live for them…and Claire is no exception.  Being part of that moment when someone realises they ARE good enough, they CAN do what they want is an absolute privilege and a joy, one that I will never stop loving.

Passion and purpose are absolutely linked for Claire – you HAVE to love what you do and Claire passionately believes and lives into her purpose. She has created a clear vision of how she wants to live her life both professionally and personally and now prioritising her self care, her time off for holidays, the people she loves and her clients she treasures working with. She nurtures a community of business women, her Business Beauties, to prioritise there self care because that, as Claire knows from personal experience, is key to success and wellbeing. 

She used to believe life happened TO you and now she has learned that it happens BY you…through the choices you make every single day. No matter what you’re going through just now, no matter what your circumstance Claire’s last words are ones I wholeheartedly second…to simply trust yourself and your own intuition.  You CAN do anything you want.  Listen to that voice inside that’s telling you there’s something better…because there is.


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