Colette is a qualified careers adviser, coach, emotional intelligence profiler and NLP Trainer with 15 years experience in the careers & employability sector as well as successfully running her own coaching business.  Colette has a passion for working with young people and their parent and carers and wholeheartedly believes that each and every one of us, regardless of background or situation as a huge amount of potential and a responsibility to shine.

Photo of Cat Paterson, One half of Fierce + Fab Women

Cat has over 20 years experience in senior management and project management, previously heading up the coordination of an intelligence analysis response for a national government intelligence agency, tackling serious and organised crime.

She has had a successful and varied career to date and with a unique mix of experience in; psychology, profiling and strategy she is focused on building strong teams to ensure maximum efficiency, flow and tangible results even under the greatest of pressures.Cat has had the opportunity of working with the teams of big names in banking and entrepreneurship as well as having the privilege of supporting charitable organisations that are committed to change and innovative practices to achieve it.

Cat also gets involved in mentoring and coaching business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, teams and individuals and is short-listed for Mentor of the Year 2016 at the Business Women in Scotland awards.

Find out more about Cat over at her website: straighttalkingginger.com

Cat + Colette collaborate in a joint venture supporting Fierce + Fab Women in Business, specifically women who are interested in or want to grow their service based micro businesses.  Join the LinkedIn Group to connect with them and other women who want to get results in their life and biz.

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