Monthly Archives: May 2012

You spin me right round…

Who remembers this song?  Dead or Alive, you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round.

I love it!

Music and chat are great for the soul and while we can dim the sounds coming from outside of us, whether turning the music off or having some quiet time away, it can be rare to experience true peace and quiet in ourselves.  We all have our own soundtracks running in her heads whether we are consciously aware of this yet or not.  Whatever actions we take, we have already gone through a process of vetting and checking whether that action is suitable or even possible.

Consider for a moment when you have the prospect of experiencing something new or that stretches your comfort zone.  What are you telling yourself?  Are you excited, scared, optimistic, confused, calm, doubtful?  This is your inner soundtrack and is it working for you?  Is what you are playing in the background of your mind helping you get the most of your life, work or business?

Consider now the tracks that really work for you.  The songs that uplift you and the words of encouragement and love you give yourself:

'I can do that'          'I am worth it'           'anything is possible'             'go for it!'

It may be that you have pressed 'shuffle' and you don't feel you have control over which record is spinning at a particular time and this can be frustrating.  You may find certain things hard to achieve because you have a wee voice telling you someone like you can't do things like that, or it's impossible, it's all too much effort.  Do you have a sense of any patterns and voices like this in your life?  What you tell yourself? What does that voice sound like?

Let's work on messing up those records of the soundtracks that are no longer working for you.

Anytime you hear an old track that you're fed up hearing speed it up and slow it down so that it sounds so ridiculous that you can't make out the words, in fact it's so annoying now that you scratch the vinyl. It's jumping around now until it is unplayable and you've no longer got access to those old ineffective messages you used to tell yourself.

You may now want to rewrite your playlists and decide which tracks you want for particular situations.  You may even want to add some visuals and feelings in there too.  Because I can.  Do whatever I want.  Think what will work for you when you want to be calm, assertive, relaxed, decisive, whatever.  Which sounds, pictures and feelings do you want to access to slip easily into these states?  Adjust the volume and tone, the colours, brightness and all those fabulous feeling that go with them and make them perfect for you.  Because you are.  Perfect.  And Practice makes Perfect so all you have to do is spin those records baby!  Right round, round round.

And if it's not working for you change the tune - you're in control, don't leave your life on shuffle.