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Feel the pain and get the gain!

believe 3

How do you talk to yourself?  Do you talk to yourself kindly or are you your own worst critic? Often it’s not real, tangible barriers that prevent us progressing towards our goals and aspirations, it can be our own self doubt leads to being stuck … finish reading here

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A personal MOT?


What do you do to look after yourself? Honestly.  It’s easy to put ourselves down the list of priorities when there is so much to be done.  Whether you’re working or looking for work, looking after kids or parents (or both!) and keeping on top … finish reading here

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Get off the treadmill and have a break…

get off the treadmill

I often get clients asking straight away for advice on their CV, to review it and revamp it to best sell themselves to prospective employers.  I can do this, I can absolutely make a CV ‘look’ good and better word the language for maximum impact…however….I … finish reading here

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The Value of having a Vision


Visualising…it’s something we do all the time, at work, at play, while we sleep. Some people visualise more than others but we all do it and harnessing the power of these images is an amazing thing to do. finish reading here

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