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Hello and welcome to Signature Strength!  I’m Colette, the founder here, and I am passionate about supporting people who support people.

The world needs to nurture its’ givers and those who lead their lives with love.  It’s all too easy to become burned out and disillusioned when your focus has always been on other people and never yourself.  Whether this is because of the profession you have chosen, the life choices you have made or the situations life has presented you with, chances are you have been pouring a whole lot of love into others and feeling that the systems around you are grinding you down. If only things could be easier!

I’d like to invite you to consider the possibility that it could be. Things could be better than they are now.  As long as we are alive we all have the potential for growth – personally and professionally.

The thing is, we NEED to nurture ourselves.  It’s not optional.  If you want to be an amazing role model, if you truly want to make a difference, if you want continue to give and care for people in the way you do now you need to be in sound mind and body to do this…so you need to prioritise yourself so you can refuel, reset and start creating the results you want to see in your life and work.

When you are shining from the inside out you will inspire other people just by being yourself AND have loads more energy to actually be the change you want to see.

Start now by taking this quick life audit to assess where you are now and what you can do to help you #beworklifehappy now

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What other people say

Coaching is such a privileged job.

My clients trust me to hold a space for them to open up and share their frustrations, sadness and joy with me. It’s a beautiful experience to be part of and watching you learn about yourself and blossom is beyond rewarding. So thank you sincerely, for investing in yourself and inviting me to be part of your journey to focus and freedom.

And here are a few things clients have said as a result of working with me – you can get results like this too.

  • Colette did a fabulous job of turning round my whole attitude to myself
  • I now recognise where my strengths and weaknesses lie and how to recognise what I can do
  • Today helped me… building my confidence and just giving me other ways to think and see things…I feel a lot more positive and energised!
  • Today helped me analyse what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at, acknowledging what my ‘drillers’ are….positivity about the future with renewed energy and building my confidence to meet the challenges.
  • I have been feeling a lot more positive lately and taking no prisoners!