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Signature Strength are a small team of highly experienced coaches & facilators who support you get results in your life, work and business using the strengths approach.

We help you appreciate your strengths (and those of your team) and support you leverage them to optimse your impact.

Curious to find out more about the strengths approach and how it can support you get results more easily?

You’re in the right place.

Shine a Light Interview: Jennifer Morrison of Turnstyle13

  It's time to Shine a Light on the epically awesome Fierce + Fab business woman Jennifer Morrison of Turnstyle13 Jennifer has a gift of seeing the potential beauty and function in ANY piece of furniture. Her aim is to create unique pieces for your home that you...
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Own your choices

How often have you compared your life to other people? And perhaps more importantly how often do you end up feeling that YOUR life isn't as good as THEIR life? That 'the grass is greener on the other side' feeling. It's happened to all of us at some stage.  Whether...
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Do your research

Doing your research is a wonderfully empowering thing and something we often skip when it comes to creating the work or business we want. Whether you want to find a satisfying job or create a business that flourishes it's VITAL to appreciate the opportunities that are...
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The power is with you right now

Writing that made me feel all He-Man & She-ra!  It might not be the power of Grayskull that's with you but you DO have a heck of a lot of power right now in this very second. It's the power of choice. It's so easy to  believe that our past defines our future. That...
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Escaping overwhelm

It's easy to over analyse and get caught up in the emotion of this which can end in overwhelm and analysis paralysis. An amazing recipe to NOT get stuff done! Next time this happens, take a deep breath, change what you're doing with your body (stand up, sit down,...
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Why it’s important to book time just for you

I know it's easy to prioritise every else's needs first but it's vital you refuel so you can keep giving and support others in the way you want. Actively create and book time out in your schedule just for you...and stick with it! Teach the people around you that you...
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How Heather found her purpose

Heather Bestel came recommended as a woman on purpose and this was my first time connecting with her. She is one of life's tonics - even just listening to her voice is soothing. Imagine a voice which you can breathe in and it calms your soul. That's Heathers voice....
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Emma Black Ignites her Power Within

Emma Black is a bloody inspiration to everyone who meets her. It’s not the fact that she is single handedly raising her gorgeous brood of 6 boys, yes SIX (something I have a not so secret longing for!) but it’s her approach to life and the energy that OOZES from her....
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How this Warrior Woman found her purpose

This is Jen Wilson - she is one of those women who just knows her shit.  I hired her last year as my personal trainer because I wanted to get strong…and I was fed up of PT’s not listening to what I REALLY wanted.  Jen did.  She’s like that, listening to what YOU want...
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Claire’s living her life on purpose

I like Claire. She is to me the epitome of the English Rose and has a beautiful glow about her which is apt, as her business is called Glow Coaching.  She has been on an intense road of self discovery over the past few years which has culminated in the service she now...
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