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Signature Strength help people flourish in their life and work.

Based in Paisley and working throughout Glasgow and Scotland we specialise in personal and career development services and training.

We successfully support our clients by staying curious and using our creative approach together with the science of positive psychology and the toolkit of NLP, guidance and coaching.

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We offer high quality, personalised coaching, a range of personal development, career management and CPD workshops and training to people throughout Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Scotland.  In particular to those who:

  •  want to return to work after a break prompted by unemployment, ill health or raising your family
  • want support returning to their current role after a period of absence (maternity, ill health, stress etc)
  • are finding it difficult to manage their life situation with work (or vice versa) and are stressed and out of balance
  • are frustrated by their lack of results or progression in work
  • are curious about starting a business
  • want to maximise their personal and professional satisfaction and results
  • are currently in education and want support to build confidence and help plan their future
  • have clients who would benefit from positive psychology and NLP coaching and workshops
  • are working in the employability and career professions and want to learn how positive psychology and NLP will enhance your professional practice

To find out more about how our life coaching, career advice, coaching or training services will support you,  it’s easy to get in touch – contact us by phone, email or any of our social media channels.

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Conscious Acts of Kindness

random acts of kindness

Building conscious acts of kindness into your week is an easy and highly effective way of promoting positivity, both in yourself and others. You will experience a stronger feel good factor when you allocate a specific time, for example a Feel Good Friday, to carry … finish reading here

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4 simple steps to career satisfaction

job satisfaction

Where are you at with your career right now? Whether you have just started in a particular job or you are well established in a career it’s important to regularly check your satisfaction levels.   Positive psychology research has shown that in order for us … finish reading here

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The value of social support

social support

Studies have consistently shown that social support is a key aspect of our wellbeing and success in life and work. How much and what type of support you personally benefit from will depend on your situation and personality however, there is no denying we ALL … finish reading here

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The meaning of life…


It’s not so much what we experience that influences our life. Instead, it’s the meaning we give to our experience. Wayne Dyer neatly sums this up saying “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Once upon the time … finish reading here

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Where the grass is greener…

grass greener

It’s a common complaint to want what we don’t have isn’t it?  How do you find being in a state of frustration and envy?  You’ve probably already noticed it’s not the most effective use of your energy. There was once a stone cutter who was … finish reading here

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